Update Training Courses

Training progress is updated by utilizing the Training Course Status form and by opening the calendar appointment for the the particular course.  By utilizing this form data is captured to monitor any delays during the life of the particular training course.

  • Image1 (top left) shows the default settings shown when the page is first openned.
  • Image 2 (far right) shows the status of the example DG awareness course to the commenced stage just before the Update button is clicked.  By clicking on the Commenced field the 'New Status' box is populated with the word 'Commenced" and the 'Set actual start date'  date picker is enabled in order to set the actual start date.  The calendar image shows the DG Awareness course after the training was updated to 'Commenced'. Note the automatic changes to the calendar appointment and the light green colour signifying that the course is in progress.
  • Image 3 (middle left) Shows the progress at a current stage of 'Commenced' and the New Status at 'Completed' and an actual finish date of 26 Jan 2017 ready to enter.  Once the 'Update' button is clicked the calendar appointment will change clour and stretch to end on the 26 January.