Authorisation Systems

So as to enable a systematic method and practical method of internal auditing of an authorisation type the authorisation should be divided into suitable 'chunks' of auditable systems.  

When setting up systems an option to create unique company systems or install the CASA default systems as published in the CASA Surveillance Manual (CSM). Loading the default CASA systems also loads the CASA default system elements.

Default systems and system elements are provided for AOC and COA/AMO authorisation types.

1. To load the default systems:

  • Select the authorisation type.
  • Select 'Yes' from the 'Load Default Systems' box.
  • Answer 'Yes' to the confirmation message box.
  • The default systems and elements are committed to the database.
  • Close the form.

2.  To create unique authorisation systems, first determine individual systems that exist within the authorisation, are of a suitable auditable 'chunks' and encompass the entire authorisation.

  • Select the authorisation type.
  • Ensure 'No' is selected in the 'Load Default Systems' box.
  • Type in the system name and then click 'Add System Item'
  • Repeat the procedure until all all systems are shown in the box below the system text field then tick the checkbox to signify all systems are ready to enter into the database.
    Note: Ticking the checkbox displays a "Save systems' button.
  • Click the 'Save Systems' button.
  • The System displayed in the box are entered into the database.