Aviation Safety ++ (AS++) has been designed and tested to run on Windows 10 on both 32 and 64 bit computers.  It should also operate correctly on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 computer systems.

Minimum Windows dotNet version

The minimum version of Microsoft Windows dotNet version required to run AS++ is dotNet 4.5.

Attempting to install AS++ with less than version 4.5 will generate a message indicating that an earlier version of dotNet is install and the must be upgraded to version 4.5 before continuing.

Close the AS++ installation program and install the provided ‘dotNetFX45_Full_setup.exe’ program located on the disk.  

If a later version of dotNet is installed the AS++ installation will proceed.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express, Release 16.5 (SQLExpress)

The database associated with Aviation Safety ++ is not backward compatible with earlier versions of SQLExpress.
If AS++ is installed on a computer with an earlier version of SQLExpress it will have to be updated prior to running AS++.  
For convenience Version 13.0.1722 is provided on the disk.  For a new installation or to update an existing version double click on ‘SQLServer2016-SSEI-Expr.exe’ to start the process.  
If a later version of SQLServer2016 is available a message may require you to download the latest version from the manufacturer's web site.