Create a System Restore Point

Before starting the installation procedure it is sound practice to create a ‘System Restore Point’ which will permit the roll back of the computer to a time prior to the installation of Aviation Safety ++.

The Windows operating system will create a system restore point automatically periodically by default. Windows also creates a system restore point, when it detects a major change happening to your system – like when you are installing Windows Updates, Drivers or at times Software.

These restore points represent a stored state of your computers system files and registry settings. If at any time you feel the need to undo some changes or if your Windows is not working properly, you can restore your system back to a prior ‘good’ restore point.

System Restore uses a feature called System Protection. It is a Windows feature that regularly creates and saves information about your computer’s system files, registry settings and previous versions of files. System Restore affects Windows system files, installed programs, registry settings, changes to scripts, batch files and other types of executable files – but does not affect personal files.

To create a system restore point manually, open Control Panel, or use the Cortana input panel and type System Restore in the search box. Select System Restore and the following screen appears. Click on 'Create'.  
After clicking on the Create button the Create a restore point screen is displayed. Type in a suitable description name for the restore point and click 'Create'.

Once the Create button is clicked the 'Creating a Restore Point... screen is shown until the restore point information is successfully created and stored.

Once the restore point is created a confirmation Message is shown. Click 'Close' to completed the system restore process.