SOR Statistics/Review


Refer to the top image. The option exists to select the Top n orginal SORs to display or all SORs. As the database becomes more populated the selection of the top 10 or 20 SORs is advised to speed loading time.

Pertinent features of the statistics section:

  • Click on the ID number to display the SOR.
  • The original SOR is displayed
  • The SOR document is read only.
  • The datagrid is fully configurable and search capable.


Refer to the lower image. Selecting this option loads only those SORs that have been finalised.

Before completing the review of an SOR it may be pertinent to conduct another risk assessment of the SOR. Click on the 'Assess Risk' button next to the 'Open SOR' button to open the risk assessment form.

Pertinent features of the review section:

  • Only those SORs finalised are displayed
  • The review panel is enabled and populated when the user clicks on the SOR ID.
  • The SOR Action/Treatment form is displayed and is now editable for comment.
  • Risk assessment of the SOR is advisable if the SOR is still active and is to remain active.