Audit Scheduling

Initial scheduling an audit is carried out with reference  to the 'Audit -> Schedule' menu item. The form consists of 2 main sections; the data section and the calendar section which provides visual information from which to assist in scheduling the audit.  The action of saving a scheduled audit is done by clicking on the 'Register Audit' button located on the calendar.  

Scheduling an Audit

Open the form and fill out the data fields as highlighted by the green box.  The 'Last Audit' and 'Scheduled for' boxes are read only and will display the last audit, or when the next audit is scheduled if the selected system has beeen previously audited.  Ensure the start and finish dates are selected.

Cross refer to the calendar as required to avoid conflict with other appointments, tasks, audts etc.

When ready click the 'Register Audit' button on the File tab of the calendar to register the audit.

Register Function

Registering an audit adds the data to the database, inserts it into the calendar and sets the calendar task to 'Audit Scheduled' status and the time to 'Tentative'.

Note. Do not directly enter the Audit into the calendar as the database fields will not be populated and tracking the progress, findings etc of the audit will not take place.

Audit scope, adding resources (personnel) altering dates etc should be accomplished using the 'Audit -> Edit' menu item to ensure all audit details are recorded in the database.