Safety Dashboard

The safety dashboard consists of 2 interactive and one static displays.

This dashboard is split into 3 displays.  The first (top row) addresses Safety Occurrence Reports (SOR).  The Second (bottom 2 left charts) addresses Non Human Factor related incidents and the third, a table indicates the number of Safety Notices/Policy letters etc raised to date.

To filter the dashboard click on a pie graph segment.

To disable the filter click the Funnel X as indicated in Image 1

Note the label 'Hover mouse here for more info'.

Safety Occurrence Reports (SOR).

The first dashboard item displays at a glance the status, stage by quarter, and monthly by year of the Safety Occurrence Reports (SOR) raised during the period shown.

The section titled 'SOR by Status' is the master and clicking on a segment of the pie chart will filter the other 2 charts.

The top image demonstrates the unfiltered display indicating that in the 2 SORs were raised 3rd quarter of 2016 and 1 in the 4th quarter. Note that the funnel and x are not enabled in this diagram (unfiltered arrow) indicating that the master filter is not active. Image 2 - Safety Occurrence Reports demonstrates the master filter in operation (Funnel and x enabled). In this example the user has clicked on the 'Investigation' pie chart segment which in turn displays data indicating that 2 SORs were raised in 3rd quarter of 2016 and are currently at the 'Investigation' stage. It also indicates that in August 2016 there are no SORs in the 'Investgation' stage.

Non HF Statistics

Displays the number of incidents that were recorded that have been determined to by not human factor related. The chart is filtered in a simiar manner to the SOR dashboard item.

Safety Notices/Policy

Displays a table of safety related notices etc that have been published.  The table is sortable but otherwise not interactive.

Image 1