Connecting to the Server

Double click on the desktop Icon to open Microsoft SQL Server management Studio.

When the program starts you are presented with the Connect to server screen.  On first use the 'Server name' field will be blank.  Note the example in image.

The first part of the Server name is the computer name. In this example it is 'DELL_JD'

Type the name of your computer into field in upper case text followed by a backslash '\'

No spaces after the Computer name or backslash.

Next type in in upper case text the SQL Server Instance Name which was noted during installation of the SQLExpress.  If no other SQL Server Express version is installed the name will be 'SQLEXPRESS'

Ensure Windows Authentication is selected and press 'Connect'

Note: If you are unsure of the computer name note the User name (the part that is not enabled)  on the 1st image. The first part of the User name is the computer name (the part before the backslash) In this example it is 'DELL_JD'

When the connection is made the screen at right is displayed. From here you can connect the Aviation Safety ++ database.