Finding Action Report

New Report

Once action has been assigned to a section head that person becomes responsible for determining what if any action is required to be put in place so as to not only correct the finding but to to prevent its re-occurrence.

Note that the new report radio button is selected. This indicates that no action as yet has been taken. Once the corrective and preventative action is described in the section provided click the submit action button.

This functon saves the data and notifies the audit reviewer that action on the selected finding has been taken, or is scheduled to be undertaken. If the 'Use E-Mail' notification is set to 'No' then the the actioning officer has to personaly notify the audit reviewer that an finding action report is available for review.

Note: An action Report must be completed in a single session.

More Requested

If a reviewer requires additional information or action to be taken then the reviewer has the option of rejecting the action taken.  In these circumstances the finding is marked as needed additional work before it can be signed off and finalised. The actioning officer will either receive an email indicating that the action taken is not satisfactory or will be notified personaly by the reviewer.

To action a finding that is neededing more information open the Finding Action Report and click the "More Requested" radio button, then click the apropriate ID number to load the finding and review the request. When additional action has been taken resubmit the finding.