Recording Training Results

The images below demonstrate how to record training results for employees.

To record results go to the 'Administration -> Training - Results' submenu and click on 'Results'.  The image shown on the top is displayed. In the example there is only one employee with training recorded displayed, but note that all employees who have conducted training recorded in this system will be displayed.

The data grid has the ability to sort by any field and/or search by typing in the search criteria in the search box.

Click on the ID number to select the person for result recording. Refer to the middle image.

This action places the person's name in the action box. Select the appropriate result and click 'Record Result'  Refer to near bottom image.

Available selections are:

  • Pass
  • Fail
  • Cancelled

If 'Cancelled' is selected it implies that the person either was not available to attend the course or did not attend for other reasons.

Once the 'Record Result' button is clicked the database is updated with the result and the result displayed in the data grid. Refer to bottom image.