SOR Recommendation

Following the investigation recommendations are raised for top level management to approve (or otherwise).  There may be any number of recommendations created against a single SOR however the recommendation must be completed in a single session and saved prior to closing the page.

  • The 'Save Recommendation/s' button once clicked commits the recommendation to the database and is no longer able to be edited.
  • Additional recommendations can be raised at a later date providing the 'Recommendations Completed' button has not been clicked.  
  • The 'Recommendations Completed' button  when clicked disables the 'Save Recommendation/s' and the 'Recommendations Completed' buttons and enables the 'Assign Action' button. At this point no more recommendations can be created.
  • The 'Assign Action' button when clicked opens a popup window from which to select a section head to action the recommendations. After answering 'Yes' to the confirmation to continue message the 'Assign Corrective Action' form opens.

Assign Corrective Action

E-Mail Notification

This form provides the recommending person the ability to directly assign the recommending actions to the section head of the appropriate department.  The default layout of the page assumes an  email system has been established and is used to send an automatic email to the selected person once the 'Assign Action' button is clicked.

If an E-Mail system of notification has not been established then select the 'No' option.  Selecting the no option will require the recommending person to manually notify the action officer of his or her action requirments.

Load Employee Names

To assign action to person not located in the section assocated with the SOR hazard select 'All Employees' otherwise leave the default selection of 'Dept Employees Only'

Assign Action

Prior to assign action there is an option to 'Review SOR Records' and 'Review Recommendations'  Clicking these buttons will display  a datagrid of the appropriate records.  Click on the first column (ID)  to view the record.

Select the assigned person will be responsible for actioning the recommendations of the SOR and click 'Assign Action'. On doing so the status of the SOR is upgraded to 'Action'.

See the images below including an edited version of the automatic email.  Note that the email will have a response due date, however if the overall untreated risk value is 3 or less treatment of the risk is not complusory, but reasons why the hazard is not been treated are required. The last 2 images demonstrates the use of not using email notification.