To change an option click on the option required and click it once. In most cases the changes take effect immediately, however in some cases the change is made after the program is closed and then re-opened.

PopUp Windows

Pop up windows refer to the various in screen additional windows that permits the user to refer to when using the selected main menu item. As an example the SOR Recommendation page has 3 popup window possibilities being: Review SOR, Review SOR Records and Read Recommendations

  • Contain to Main Window. (Default)  As the title suggests Contain to Main Window keeps the popup inside the Aviation Safety ++ main window and is best suitable for single monitor use.
  • Float.  When selected any popup windows opened remain open even if the program is closed.  It is best used when multiple monitors are used on an extended screen display.  When using the float option be sure to close the popup window as soon as you have finished with it as any data is not refreshed ubtil it is next opened.

Spell Check Mode

Determines the spell check mode when using the various document forms throughout the program.  Options are:

  • As You Type.  (Default) Highlights spelling errors at the time the error is made by underlining the word wih a red wavy line.  Best use if you have a fast computer.
  • On Demand.  Spell check has to be manualy selected by clicking on the ABC Spelling button located in the Review section of the document form.

Show Dashboard on Start

  • Yes Displays the Safety Dashboard on start. Depending on the amount of data to load this may take some time to load and if used will be availabel to see by all users of the program.
  • No (Default) Prevents the dashboard from loading automatically.