New Safety Occurrence Report

The Safety Occurrence Report (SOR) consists f two sections. On the left side is a data acpture form and on the right side is a word processor that works in a similar fashion to MS Word and has many of the same functions.

A Safety Occurrence Report (SOR) can be completed by 2 methods. The first is to print the form template and distribute them throughout the organisation and when completed employ the Safety Officer or other nominated and trained person to enter the form into the database using the form at right. The second method is to directly enter the SOR into the system by an authorised user of the system.

The new SOR entry form can be found at the 'Safety Report -> New' menu item.

To complete the datafields on the left side of the page at which stage the SOR template is displayed and the data information inserted into the template.

The SOR must be saved at least once before the 'Submit SOR button is enabled. The SOR is not required to be cmpleted in a single session and may be editting prior to submission using the 'Safety Report -> Edit' menu item.

Submitting the SOR elevates the SOR to then 'Investigation' stage

Caution: Clicking the reset button after the first save will reset the form and bring up the next SOR number to be entered. To recover the unsubmitted SOR use the 'Safety Report -> Edit' menu item.