Add New Employee

Before adding new employees it is essential to have added at least one instance of the following from the Setup menu:

  • Authorisations
  • Operating Bases
  • Departments/Sections
  • Establish Positions

Note: Adding an employee to the system does not automatically enable that employee access to the program. To provide an employee access to the program add the person using the 'New User' menu.

Complete the form (all fields except the Picture and Notes fields are required).

Ensure the person's name is correct as it is not able to be changed once entered.

It is recommended that when entering the full name that the

surname (family name) is typed first followed by the first name and an initial if necessary to distinguish between two employees of the same name.

Following this procedure will ensure that when looking up names throughout the program the names will appear by surname (family name) in ascending order.

The ideal picture size is 4 x 5 cm in size (Portrait) or 117 x 140 pixel size. Larger pictures will be reduced in size automatically but details may be compromised. Use the 'Rotate Pictures buttons to ensure desired aspect.

Click the 'Save Employee' when all required fields.