New Audit Finding

To create a new audit finding use this menu item. Note that beofre the Audit Task number can be displayed an audit report must have been created but not submitted as the findings form part of the report.

The left panel contains the data information that is required  to manage the progress of the audit.  The right panel contains the information that is referred to by the person assigned to action the finding and for inclusion in any printed report.

Audit findings do not have to be created during a singlsession and may be saved and updated as required until such time as the 'Submit Finding' button is clicked.

Once the 'Save Finding' button has been clicked the document is saved to the database and is no longer considered a 'new' finding.  If the finding is closed at this point it can be reopened using the 'Open Saved Finding' button for furher editing.

The image below demonstrates a new finding that is awaiting the finding details to be be added by the user. The image indicates that the finding is yet to be saved as the 'Save Finding' button is enabled and the 'Update Finding Data' button is disabled. Once the finding is saved for the first time the 'Save Finding' button is disaled d th other buttons enabled. See the 'Edit' finding menu item for more information on editing a finding.