New Audit Report

To create a new audit report select 'Audit -> Report -> New from the main menu.  The first step is to decide whether to use E-Mail notification to provide report information to the relevant people.

Provided the audit is at the 'Audit in Progess' stage and that status has been set using the 'Edit Audit' function the audit task number will be visible in the 'Task No' dropdown list. Select the audit number from the dropdown list.

Once the audit task number is selected the read only text fields will be propulated and a pre-populated report form will be loaded. (Refer to the second image).

At this stage it is recommended that the audit be saved by clicking on the 'Save Audit Report' button.  This will save the report to the database as a working document.  At this stage you may close the report and re-open it for editing as many times as is necessary until the 'Submit Audit Report' button is clicked.

When the 'Save Audit Report' button has been clicked the 'Update Audit Report' button and the 'Confirm Risk Assessments Complete' check box is completed. At this stage the audit may edited until completed utilising the update function to update the report on a regular basis, or closed and edited at a later date vi the Edit report function.

Prior to the 'Submit Audit Report' button is enabled the 'Confirm risk assessments complete' check box must be ticked. Prior to submiting the audit report it must be complete as no more changes can be made once it is submitted.


    1. Once the report is saved for the first time it is no longer a 'new report' and once closed must be accessed via the 'Audit -> Report -> Edit' menu item.
    2. The audit report must have been commenced before audit findings can be raised.
    3. Consider raising audit findings prior to the re-assesment of the element risk to which the finding is related.
    4. A list of findings is required to be included in the audit report.