SOR Investigation

Once an SOR is raised it is required to be investigated.  This is usually conducted by the Safety Officer or another company approved person.  The investigation is recorded using the form shown (top left image).  The image is shown in its default condition. The investigation must record its findings in the form of 'Investigation Records' which is used to record the evidence and circumstances that resulted in the SOR being raised.

Once the SOR is selected the available data is preloaded into the form and the categorisation dropdownlist is enabled. When the SOR has been categorised and assigned to the correct authorisation, investgation records can be added. The investigation period may be over a significant period of time so with the exception of the "Save Cause Data" and the "Assess Risk" (Middle left image) which are one off functions for the selected SOR, records can be added over multiple sessions.

Clicking the "Save * Cause Data" button enters the error category, reason, direct cause, contributing and root cause into the database.  Note. This a one time save only so ensure your determinations are accurate.

Clicking the "Assess Risk" button open a popup window as shown in the bottom image.  The task at this stage is determine what the risk values are if the risk is left untreated. Refer to the 'Consequence Word Picture' to determine the untreated consquence value and the 'Probability' chart to determine the untreated likelihood value.  Click once on a coloured number box where the two values meet. If you change your mind click in another numbered box.  

Click "Save Risk" when ready. Note. This a one time save only so ensure your assessment is accurate. The risk is saved and the Assess Risk form is closed, return the user to the Investigation form. Note now that 'Assess Risk' and 'Save Cause Data' buttons are no longer enabled.

When the investigation is completed, the risk has been assessed and the cause data has been saved, the investigation can be moved to the 'Recommendation' stage by clicking 'Investigation Complete' button on the word processor.