Full (Employee) List

Selecting this menu item displays a list of all employees and a full list of the business and personal details.

This list is accessible only to those personnel with administration privileges.

Personnel without administration privileges can view a restricted, business details view using the 'View -> Employee List' menu item.

List Features

Column Display Order

The data grid display is flexible and the display order can be changed by any user.

For example to make the 'Title' column the first displayed simply drag the 'Title' header to the desired position. The screen reconfigures itself to make the Title the first displayed column.

Data Grouping

Data can be grouped by columns by dragging a column header to the space immediately above the first column header where it states 'Drag a column header to group by that column'.  

For example dragging the 'Base' header to that location will group all entries by base.

Data Sorting Order

Data is sorted by name in ascending order by default.  Click on any header to sort the data in by the selected column in ascending order. Click again to sort in descending order.

Search for Specific Data

In the 'Enter text to search' box enter the text to search and click find.

The system will locate only those data table items containing the text entered.  For example if you entered 'Per' the system would return data rows that contained the words for example 'Perth' and 'Persall' if the database contained these words.

Click the clear button to clear the search and display the entire data table.