Finalise Action

The act of finalising the SOR is completed once the treatment of the SOR has been reported using the Action Report form.

The form is used to assess the action implimented to ensure that the action addresses the cause of the hazard and the action taken to prevent re-occurrence.

Note the image below which provides a basic step by step guide.  At step 4 the risk associated with the SOR is reassessed. When the button is clicked a prepopulated form pops up permitting the user to select the treated Likelihood and Consequence values. When the risk reassessment is completed the popup window closes and the 3 risk guages are populated.

Note: The risk assessment process may be completed as a separate task. In this case open the Finalise Action form, populate the form and then select 'Reassess Risk'. Complete the risk assessment and then close the Finalise Action form.  The next time you open this form and select the SOR number the risk guages will be populated with the residual risk values previously entered.

Reject Action

If the action taken is insufficient or more information is required then clicking the 'Reject Action' button should be clicked. Depending upon the 'Use E-Mail Notification' settings either a Message is displays stating that the actioning person has been sent an email directing then to the SOR and the need for more information to be provided, or a message is displayed directing the reviewer to manually notify the actioning officer that more information is needed.

Finalise SOR

When the SOR is ready to be finalised, the next review period has been set (or the 'Make Inactive' box is ticked) and the risk assessment completed then the 'Finalise SOR' button is clicked. This fuction effectively completes the processing of the SOR until the next review period is due.