Edit SOR

This menu item provides the ability to open a partially completed SOR for editing. While the SOR can be edited in all areas those fields that have been transferred from the left side of the form to prepopulate the title etc should not be changed.

The form is the same as the New SOR form except that the title has changed, the 'The SOR number dropdown list is disabled and the 'Open SOR' panel is enabled.

Selecting the desired SOR number from the 'Open SOR' dropdown list retrieves the SOR data associated with the SOR number and populates the Safety Occurrence Report form for editing. Update the saved SOR at anytime prior to clicking the 'Submit SOR' button.

The SOR Form is cradled in the Word Processor and all of the functions of the word processor are available as needed.

Word processor help is available here.

Once submitted the SOR is upgraded to 'Investigation Status.