Edit Employee

Edit Employee

When the page opens the Full name list is populated from which to select the person's name in order to edit the details. Note that inactive personnel are also included, however if an inactive person is selected a label appears next to the person's name indicating that the person is inactive.

All fields are available for edit except the drop down lists, excluding date selectors.

Click the 'Update Employee' button when complete.

InActive Employee

An employee once entered into the database may be edited or made inactive if the person leaves the organisation. When a person is made inactive he/she is marked as such in the database and the name is no longer displayed in the various name lists.

In the event the person is reinstated that person can be made active again using the 'Change Employee Status button and selecting 'Active'.

Select Picture

Clicking the select picture button opens a dialogue window permitting the selection of a new photo or insertion of an initial photograph.