Edit Audit Report

Once an audit report has been created, saved for the first time and closed without submitting the report, it is no longer considered to be a new report. To continue editing an unsubmitted report use the 'Audit -> Report -> Edit' menu item.

The form is essentailly the same form as that used for a new audit report with minimal differences.

Select an E-mail for notification option, then select the Task No to populate the data and document fields. Any previously saved report content will be retrieved and displaye in the right panel.

Continue editing, but don't forget to save your work at regular intervals by clicking the 'Update Audit Report' button.

Until the audit report is completed and any outstanding risk assessments have been conducted the report remains in a 'working' state and may be closed and opened as many times as is required for additional editing. (Top image)

The middle image displays the report at a stage ready to be submitted for review.  Note the 'Confirm risk assessments complete' check box has been ticked. This function enables the 'Submit Audit Report' button. Once it is clicked the report is moved to the completed stage and if E-Mail notification is set to 'Yes' sends an email to the selected person. Refer to the email example in the lower image.

Notes: If there are unsubmitted audit findings associated with an audit report the system will warn the user and prevent submission of the report.
Once the audit report is completed and submitted ensure the audit status is set to 'Audit Completed' using the Audit -> Edit menu item.