Company Information

Item is available through the 'View -> Company Information' sub menu item.

Displays the primary company/organisation details including essential contact details.

Edit Company Details

When first opened the information fields have no significant information.  A person with administrator privileges may edit these fields by clicking on the 'Edit Company Details' button. This unlocks the individual information fields allowing editing.  After clicking this button a 'Cancel Edit Details'  and 'Save Details' button is visible.  The functions of these buttons are self explanatory.

Essential Personnel

The datagrid titled Essential Personnel displays the essential business details of those personnel that the regulator requires and any additional personnel that the company considers to be essential.  The grid is not able to be edited using this form.

Add a new essential person by using the either the 'New Employee' or 'Edit Employee' forms as applicable and checking the essential person check box on the form.  That persons essential business details will then be displayed in the datagrid.