CASA Authorisations

From the Administration menu select Authorisations.

In turn enter the CASA  issued Authorisation types

For an Air Operator Certificate. Enter 'AOC' in upper case text.

For a Certificate of Approval. Enter 'COA/AMO' in upper case text.

For an Approved Maintenance Organisation. Enter also 'COA/AMO' in upper case text.

Note: It is important to use these abbreviations as the program offers a default option AOC or COA/AMO set of systems and elements. Selection of this option depends on the use of these abbreviations.

Other Authorisations

The program will also accept non CASA issued authorisations. For a non CASA authorisation could a separate entity not associated with a CASA issued authorisation.  An example could be called 'Corporate' . In this instance tick the 'Not a CASA Authorisation' box and type in the assigned name.  

Using this functions permits independent tracking of hazards etc associated with that entity.

Important.  If you use this option be aware that you must also assign locations, sections/departments and positions/titles to that authorisation.