Audit Dashboard

Available through the 'View -> Dashboards ->Audit Dashboard' menu item or using the 'Audit-> Dashboard' menu item. Administrator privileges required to view the dashboard.

The top image contains the default view (unfiltered) and displays a pie chart of every audit scheduled . To determine how many times a particular system has been audited however the mouse over the segment. The pop up menu item will display the number of audits following by the percentage these audits make of the total scheduled.  For example the lower image is filtered by the "AOC, Cargo and Passengers" system. In this example the mouse revealed that that system had been audited 5 times and represented 22.73% of all audits scheduled.

Note that only scheduled audits are displayed. Systems that have never been scheduled for audit are not displayed.

The top card chart displays Audit stage quarterly by year and the lower card chart displays Audit by stage, by Actual  Start v Scheduled & Actual Finish v Scheduled finish dates.

A more detailed statistical view can be found using the 'Audit -> Statistics' menu item.