Attaching the Database to SQLExpress

Open SQL Server Management Studio and logon.  
Right click on the folder ‘Databases’, select the ‘Attach’ item from the right click menu and then click the ‘Add..’ button. (Image 1)

Navigate to the ProgramData --> Dolby Software Solutions folder.  Locate and select the RiskControl.mdf file and press okay. (Image 2)

On clicking OK the 'Locate Database Files' window closes closes and the 'Attach Databases' window opens. Click OK.

The RiskControl database is then attached to the Server and ready for use. (Image 3)

Confirm the attachment of the database by clicking on the + on the Databases (see Image 1) to expand the list databases on the server.  RiskControl.mdf should be shown and is now ready for use by Aviation Safety ++ (Image 4).