Assigning and Scheduling training

Training is assigned to employee the location and start finish dates set using this form.

When the form is configured correctly a list of all employees associated with the selected Authorisation is displayed in the 'Assign'  list box.

The employees that have completed or have been assigned to the selected training (if the course has not yet started)  are  displayed in the 'Completed Training List'.

The image at far right demonstrates how the page is displayed if the page is reset and the same selections made again. Note that the completed training list now has one entry.

Employees that are due/overdue for recurrent training for the selected training are automatically selected in the Assign list. If required deselect any current or past employees that are automatically selected.

Caution: The completion of this form is required to be done in a single session as once the 'Save' button is clicked the training is added and displayed in the 'Schedule Tasks & Appointments' calendar as shown in the calendar image. Note the background colour of the training course in the calendar.

The various colours of the training courses  represent the status of the course. The colour shown indicates that the course is 'Scheduled'. Other status colours used in the training are:

  • Commenced
  • Completed
  • On Hold

Open the appointment to add any details to the comments box but do not change the selected resources, the dates or the status. That is done here. The 'Show Time as:' selection may be altered as needed and reminders may be set as required.

Tracking the progress of a training course is done using the 'Training Course Status' item which is used instead of the calendar to record training progress in the database, recording such data as actual starting date v scheduled starting date. Modifying the 'Training Course Status' form automatically updates the calendar information.