Program Administrator

When Aviation Safety ++ is run after the server identification process the first item of business is establishing a program administrator. This person appears in the system as a user, but not an employee or a position within the company. The Administrator should be used to configure the program to its initial operational configuration. As such he/she should have a sound understanding of how the company structure.  

Create Administrator

If a trial version of the program is being setup a message stating how many more times the appears. Click OK and the default first time Admin screen is displayed. This form will not appear again once the defaults have been entered.

You must enter the word 'Admin' in the Name field and 4 zeros (0000) in the password. This action permits the user to create a permanent Administrator with a suitable password. Enter the details and click 'Log On'.

The First User

Once the default Admin password has been entered the First User form opens.  This is where the company Administrator is created.  The name is locked and not able to be changed.  Type in a strong password then re-enter it.  If the passwords match when the Save Password button is clicked then the details are saved and the main form is displayed. The rest of the setup procedures may now be completed.