Action Report

An action report is required to provide the evidence that the action assigned (the mitigation process) is available to the person reviewing the SOR. The Action Report serves a dual purpose acting as the primary method of demonstrating that reasons being a hazard, risk or incident/accident occurring have been mitigated so that it is unlikely to re-occur. If the reviewing person determines that the reported treatment of the risk etc is unsatisfactory or does not provide the reviewer with sufficient information to sign off the process, that person may reject the Action report and annotate it as requiring more information.  In these circumstances actioning officer can retrieve the report after clicking on the 'More Requested' option button.

Additional Menu Items

The image below demonstrates the primary controls utilised with this form.  Additional controls such as 'Open' and 'Save As' may be used to open a document saved to the user's computer or save a document to the user's computer, but none of the controls, except 'Submit Action Report' saves the document to the database and moves the SOR to the review stage.  The ribbon hides many additional standard word processing controls which may fbe useful to the user.

Note: The document templates used throughout the program utilises automatic population of data information directly into the template. For example in the image below SOR Number and Report Title are automatically added to the template.