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Aviation Safety ++ Prerequisites
Aviation Safety ++ (AS++) requires Microsoft .NET Framwork 4.5 (or later) and the the following prerequisite programs to be installed prior to installing AS++. If your computer is set to update automatically Microsoft .NET Framwork 4.5 should already be installed, however this Framework and the other presrequisites, SQL Server Express Edition and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio are included on the disk in the file. Note that Administrator access will be required to access the database files.

Installing Aviation Safety ++
By downloading and installing Aviation Safety ++ the user accepts that in order for the program to operate correctly the files (RiskControl.mdf and RiskControl_log.ldf) will require their respective file security properties set to "full Control" to enable the program to operate. The location of these files is located on computer boot drive. The default for these files is: C:\ProgramData\Dolby Software Solutions\. The folder named ProgramData is a hidden folder and requires the user to enable View Hidden Items.
See Database Permissions  in the Help menu.   Try Aviation Safety ++

Please download a selection of our freeware. These programs are provided 'as is' and may be distributed and installed as required. Available now is a small but useful home budget desktop program 'My Budget' that is suitable for private use. Also available is now is a desktop program 'DSS Business' containing a 'MS Office look alike' set of files: Business Word, Business Spreadsheet, Business Schedule and Business Mail. DSS Business contains a SQLlite database and if installed in the C:\Program Files location may not run under certain situations. It is recommended that you install this program on another drive or partition. Note that a 'My Budget' pre-requisite is the installation of Microsoft SQL Server (Express). Default location for the My Budget database files is 'C:\ProgramData\Dolby Software Solutions\'.

DSS Business is a desktop program with the look and feel of a MS Office suite. It includes a Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Scheduler and Email program. While their is no help files at this stage, extensive tooltips are provided to the user.
Please read the 'Readme first' file included with the zip folder.
My Budget     DSS Business