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Safety Management - System Risk Auditing - Value

One of the biggest challenges not only for aviation related organisations but all organisations is the management of the safety of operations, conduct of maintenance and ensuring their personnel are fully qualified and remain qualified from both an organisation and regulatory aspect.   With the introduction of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) parts 61, 141,142 145 and certain other CASR Parts comes an obligation to provide safety management and/or internal auditing for most aviation related organisations.

Introducing Aviation Safety ++ Aviation Safety ++ (AS++), an affordable Windows desktop program designed not only to comply with the above regulatory requirements but exceed them by providing additional useful features suitable for any organisation wishing to introduce systems risk based auditing.   Aviation Safety ++ designed by drawing upon more than 50 years expertise obtained within the aviation industry, including civil, military and 20 years regulatory experience with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) including participation in the development of CASR Parts 61, 141 and 142 and the associated Manual Of Standards.

Aviation Safety ++ is flexible, configurable and affordable. Aviation Safety ++ is capable of accommodating many organisations structures not directly involved in aircraft operations or maintenance. Organisations such as, but not limited to those involved in design, safety equipment and catering seeking to impliment systems risk based auditing may find this program suitable. Aviation Safety ++ available in networked or standalone (single computer) versions providing the required flexibility for your organisation.   Contact us by email or telephone by clicking the appropriate button on this page.
Try before you buy by downloading a trial stand alone version of Aviation Safety ++.

Internal Auditing

  • Interactive Audit Dashboard.
  • Systems Risk Based.
  • Risk Identification & Assessment.
  • Residual Risk Monitored.
  • Risk Review & History Charts.
  • Audit Findings Tracked.
  • Audit Reports Reviewed.
  • System Safety Trend Analysis.
  • Audit Scheduling and Tracking.
  • Resource Conflict Management.
  • Create Your Own Systems.*
  • Install CASA AOC Systems.*
  • Install CASA AMO/COA Systems.*
  • *Optional choice at system setup.

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Safety Management

  • Interactive Dashboards.
  • Safety Occurrence Reports.
  • Human Factor Capture.
  • Safety Policy & Objectives.
  • Safety Assurance.
  • Safety Promotion.
  • Customised Safety Notices.
  • Create Safety Categories.
  • Error or Violation Capture.
  • Hazard Groups Preloaded*.
  • Non HF Error Statistics.
  • Safety Risk Assessment.
  • Incident Trend Monitoring.
  • Periodic Incident Review.
  • Create Document Templates.
  • *Modify to suit your operations.

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Personnel & More

  • Identify Essential People.
  • Employee Contact List.
  • Create Training Courses.
  • Assign Training/Checking.
  • Track Training Progress.
  • Record Results.
  • Training Calendar.
  • Email Function Option.
  • MS Inspired Word Processor.
  • Outlook Inspired Calendar.
  • Comprehensive Help/Tool Tips.

More Personnel Info

  • Interactive audit dashboard.

  • Residual risk determination.

  • Monitor individual risk trends over time.

  • Interactive human factors dashboard.

  • Interactive non audit safety occurrence reports dashboard.

  • Review of Safety Occurrence Reports mitigation.

  • Create relevant safety material.

  • Create and edit employee profiles.

  • Filter & search employee contact tables.

  • Assign and track training/checking.

  • MS Outlook inspired appointments/tasks calendar.

  • MS Word inspired word processor.